Let’s be honest. I want you to buy my book.

Social media is like a Latin dance hall. We’re all there, waiting for a beat we know and courting a partner. It’s only the dance that is different.

We could of course trot a Twitter tango, in which we lovingly shared each other’s pinned tweets while pretending that we followed our thousands of followers’ every step intimately.

Or we could dance the lambada on Linkedin, reaching out to those whose paths we’ve crossed in the recent and distant past, flashing our news at them in the hope that they will congratulate us.

Either way, though the timing with which we move our feet may differ, the steps are still the same.

So let’s not lead each other a merry dance. I don't want to step on your toes. I have a book to sell.

#AncientTide is a tale told over centuries, the story of a love so strong it refuses to die.

You can buy a signed copy now at my website or you can order through Amazon.com from May 1st 2017

Ancient Tide Motion Cover