Sneak Preview: The Seasick Pirate




Roger Hopkins came from a long line of Rogers. His dad was Roger. His Grandad was Roger. His Great Grandad was Roger. You get the picture.

Naming everyone the same had its advantages, of course. One of them was that anything with a name on it could be reused. School books could be recycled easily, there was no need to change the name in the back of clothes. In fact, a toothbrush with the name Roger in gold letters had been handed down from one Roger to another. For nearly sixty years, at least one Roger in the family had been using the brush. Alright, so perhaps that isn’t one of the advantages. Let’s be honest, it’s disgusting!

It caused plenty of confusion too. Whenever there was a family gathering and dinner was ready, someone would shout,

‘Dinner’s ready, Roger!’ and all four generations of Roger Hopkins would come running. It really was very silly indeed. The actual meals were no better.

‘Roger dear, pass me the salt please?’ Someone would say and four arms would reach out to the middle of the table, knocking the condiments flying.

Sometimes the telephone would ring and when it did, the poor caller might make the mistake of asking for Roger Hopkins. By the time they had found the Roger Hopkins they actually wanted, the caller had usually hung up. I think you probably understand how difficult it was to work out which one they needed to talk to.

Even though it was his name, nobody actually called our Roger Hopkins by that name. Everybody knew him as Jolly. Even his Mum and Dad. They had called him that since the day he was born. I’ll tell you why....


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