Ancient Tide by Simon Harding

For Eight hundred years it has fought tragedy. Against all odds, it has survived. Ancient Tide is the story of a love so intense it refuses to die.

England. 1990. Lauren Kennedy rushes to the aid of a dying girl, and is shocked to find they are identical in every way. As their hands touch, the true extent of fate's master plan erupts through their sizzling connection. In that moment, Lauren knows what she must do.

But hundreds have tried before her. All have failed. Will she succeed, or will she become another wave on fate's merciless tide.

"I had a torrid love affair with this book during my reading. And I am still in love. Ancient Tide sits proudly on my shelf with my favorite books from authors I admire."
Marcee Corn, Author 'Unclaimed Baggage'

If you don't live in Australia, we can still post a signed copy to you, but please be aware that it's cheaper to buy your copy from Amazon because of the cost of postage. (Sadly it won't be signed. Of Course)